LETTERS Collection

In FISE Gallery's 'BŐR x BETŰ - LEATHER x LETTER’ exhibition, Enikő Horn's close
relationship with environmental protection and recycling for decades, as well as the
printing techniques often used until the beginning of the 2000s, the old Gutenberg’s
printing press and the smell of printing ink gave Enikő Horn the inspiration, which is now
brought Anikó Székffy and her together at the same exhibition.

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ENIHORN Originals


#sustainability #zerowaste concept since 1991, because Enikő Horn has been striving for this ever since, even in the 2000s she planned all the school assignments with this approach in mind. Her motto has always been 'THINK GREEN', although there was no trend or fashion then, but luckily today it has become one of the most important things to follow in the eyes of designers.